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Red rose of Lancashire


thelancashireman.org is the private homepage of David Haworth. My e-mail address for comments, complaints, praise, spam etc. is

delta alpha victor echo at foxtrot echo november dash november echo tango dot delta echo

That's a dash (or hyphen) between the two novembers, not an underscore. If you don't know the phonetic alphabet, well, I'm sure you can work it out.

I'm not afraid of receiving e-mail from strangers, and I especially like encrypted e-mails, even better if they are signed by the sender. My public key is available here.


thelancashireman.org does not collect any personal information about visitors. The web hosting service keeps logs of IP addresses and files accessed for a short time, but I never look at them unless I need to diagnose a problem.

thelancashireman.org and graveyard-book.thelancashireman.org are cookie-free zones. The wiki sets session cookies if you attempt to log in, but is cookie-free for casual visitors.


Unless otherwise stated, all pages, images etc. on this site are © David Haworth and are made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License. The factual information contained in the pages is of course not subject to copyright.

If you find something among these pages that you think has been used inappropriately, or is just plain wrong, please contact me by email at the address above.


The W3C icons are used with permission. Please click on the icons for more information. If you find a page that fails a validation test, please let me know and I will fix it.

The red rose of Lancashire and the "Don't say..." graphic are provided by The Friends of Real Lancashire. Click on the rose at the top of this page for details or click on the "Don't say..." graphic to visit the website of The Friends of Real Lancashire.

The information in the family history pages has been culled from sources too numerous to mention, but I'd like to pick out a few for special thanks:

and of course the countless others who place snippets of information on the internet in case it might be of use to someone. Genealogists the world over owe a lot to you.

© David Haworth
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