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Robert Brown


Father: Robert Brown (1841-1879)
Mother: Jane Marland (1845-1926)



Robert Brown + Margaret Rothwell


1878 Birth Place: Brierfield Source: Census 1881,1891
Source: lancashirebmd  [transcript 1]
1881-04-03 Census Age: 6
Occupation: Scholar
Abode: 4, Pickering St, Great And Little Marsden
Source: Census record RG11-4162-96-16
1891-04-05 Census Age: 12
Occupation: Cotton Weaver Half Time
Abode: 4, Sackville Street, Little Marsden, Brierfield, Nelson
Source: Census record RG12-3379-119-31
1899-04-22 Marriage
to Margaret Rothwell (1879-1945)
Place: St Andrew, Burnley Source: lancashirebmd  [transcript 2]
Source: lan-opc  [link]  [transcript 3]
Source: Parish record  [transcript 4]
1901-03-31 Census Age: 22
Occupation: Cotton weaver
Abode: 1 Regent Street, Brierfield
Source: Census record RG13-3884-92-8
1911-04-02 Census Age: 32
Occupation: Cotton weaver
Abode: 20 Green Street, Burnley
Source: Census record RG14PN24807-RG78PN1421-RD472-SD1-ED29-SN233
abt.1916 Military service Source: Service records
Source:  [link]  [transcript 5]
abt.1958-11-25 Death Age: 80
Abode: 10 Tunstill Street, Burnley
Source: Estimated from burial record
Source: lancashirebmd  [transcript 6]
1958-11-28 Burial Place: Grave A/1166, Wheatley Lane Inghamite Chapel Source: Burial record (
Source: lan-opc  [link]  [transcript 7]

Transcripts of sources

 Lancashire Birth indexes for the years: 1878
 BROWN  Robert  Colne  Preston  MARLAND  COL/71/24
 Lancashire Marriage indexes for the years: 1899
 BROWN  Robert  ROTHWELL  Maggie  Burnley, St Andrew  Preston  CE107/3/225
 Marriage: 22 Apr 1899 St Andrew, Burnley, Lancs.
 Robert Brown - 20, Weaver, Bachelor, 110 Burnley Road, Brierfield
 Maggie Rothwell - 19, Weaver, Spinster, 5 Brennand St.
     Groom's Father: Robert Brown, Collier
     Bride's Father: Thomas Rothwell, Collier
     Witness: Richard Simpson; Betty Brown
     Married by Certificate by: Charles Jones B. A. Vicar
     Register: Marriages 1896 - 1904, Page 113, Entry 225
     Source: Original Parish Register
 1899. Marriage solemnized at the Parish Church in the Parish of S. Andrew, Burnley
 in the Counties of Lancaster & Burnley
 No. 225  22nd April 1899
 Robert Brown     20  Bachelor  Weaver  110 Burnley Road, Brierfield  Robert Brown     Collier
 Maggie Rothwell  19  Spinster  Weaver  5 Brennand St.                Thomas Rothwell  Collier
 Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church
 on Superintendent Registrar's Certificate by me, Charles Jones BA, Vicar
 This marriage was solemnized between us,  { Robert Brown     in the presence of  { Richard Simpson
                                           { Maggie Rothwell                      { Betty Brown
 Brown Robert    736438  Bomdr   RFA     Green St 20
 BROWN   Robert   80   1958   Burnley Second   Preston   Lancashire   BS/4/13
 Burial: 28 Nov 1958 Wheatley Lane Inghamite, Fence In Pendle, Lancs.
 Robert Brown -
     Age: 80 years
     Abode: 10 Tunstill Street, Burnley
     Grave: 1166
     Notes: F.I. Margaret Brown
     Section: A
     Buried by: Arthur Slaughter
     Register: Burials Section A 1956 - 2012, Page 12
     Source: Original Parish Register

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