The Lancashireman's family history

Red rose of Lancashire

Jane Buck


Father: George Buck (abt.1798-1860)
Mother: Betty Brown (1805-?)


Other parents of half-siblings:
1mother: Mary _
2father: Richard Holden
3mother: Mary _
4father: Richard Holden
5mother: Mary _



abt.1849 Birth Source: Estimated from 1851 census
1851-03-30 Census Abode: Brierfield, Little Marsden
Age: 2
Birthplace: Lanc. Marsden
Source: Census record HO107-2254-74-20  [transcript 1]
1861-04-07 Census Age: 12
Occupation: Scholar
Abode: Brierfield
Birthplace: Lancashire Marsden
Source: Census record RG09-3077-63-13  [transcript 2]
1871-04-02 Census Abode: Smith Street, Little Marsden
Age: 22
Occupation: Worsted Weaver
Birthplace: Lancashire; Brierfield
Source: Census record  [transcript 3]
1881-04-03 Census Abode: 30 Halifax Road, Brierfield
Age: 33
Occupation: Cotton Weaver
Birthplace: Lanc Brierfield
Source: Census record RG11-4162-104-32  [transcript 4]
? Death Source: Assumed; date unknown

Transcripts of sources

HO107 Piece 2254 Folio 74 Page 20

Township of Little Marsden
Ecclesiastical District of Little Marsden

64  Brierfield  George Buck     Head      Mar  52      Engine Tenter  Yorkshire. Brighend
                Betty Buck      Wife      M        46  Housekeeper    Lanc. Pendle
                Mary Ann Buck   Daughter  Un       25  Weaver         Lanc. Marsden
                Mary Holden     Daughter  Un       18  Rover at Mill  Lanc. Pendle
                Francis Buck    Son       Un   14      Collier        Lanc. Pendle
                Henry Buck      Son       Un   13      Cart Driver    Lanc. Pendle
                John Buck       Son             8      Cart Driver    Lanc. Pendle
                Zacharias Buck  Son             4      Scholar        Lanc. Marsden        Blind
                Jane Buck       Daur                2                 Lanc. Marsden
RG09 Piece 3077 Folio 63 Page 13

Township of Little Marsden
Ecclesiastical District of Little Marsden

Schedule 56  Brierfield

Betty Buck    Head  W.      55  Housekeeper  Lancashire Marsden
Henry Buck    Son   Un  22      Coal Miner   Lancashire Marsden
John Buck     Son   Un  18      Coal Miner   Lancashire Marsden
Jane Buck     Daur          12  Scholar      Lancashire Marsden
Thomas Buck   G.Son      8      Scholar      Lancashire Marsden
Richard Buck  G.Son      5      Scholar      Lancashire Marsden

RG10 Piece 4155 Folio 100 Page 21

Township of Little Marsden
[Municipal Ward of (struck through)] Brierfield Local Board
[Town of (struck through)] Township of Little Marsden
Village or Hamlet, &c., of Brierfield
Local Board of Brierfield
Ecclesiastical District of Little Marsden

Schedule 116  Smith Street

Joseph Bullock   Head           Mar  23      Tackler of Looms  Lancashire; Burnley
Jane Bullock     Wife           Mar      22  Worsted Weaver    Lancashire; Brierfield
Willie Bullock   Son                 3                         Lancashire; Brierfield
Annie Bullock    Daur.                   6m                    Lancashire; Brierfield
Betty Buck       Mother in law  W.       65  House Keeper      Lancashire; Pendle Forest
Thomas Holden    Uncle          Unm  18      Coal Miner        Lancashire; Brierfield
Richard Holden   Uncle          Unm  15      Worsted weaver    Lancashire; Brierfield
William Bullock  Brother        Unm  21      Worsted Weaver    Lancashire; Brierfield

RG11 Piece 4162 Folio 104 Page 32

Township of Little Marsden
Village of Brierfield
Urban Sanitary District of Brierfield
Ecclesiastical Parish of St Lukes

Schedule 155  30 Halifax Road

Joseph Bullock    Head      Mar  33      Joiner Employing 1 Man 1 Boy  Yorks Leeds
Jane Bullock      Wife      Mar      33  Cotton Weaver                 Lanc Brierfield
Betsy Bullock     Daur      Unm       6  Scholar                       Lanc Brierfield
Willie Bullock    Son       Unm      13  Joiner's Son                  Lanc Brierfield
Betty Buck        Relative  W.       75  House Keeper                  Lanc Admergill
Margaret Bullock  Daur      Unm       2                                Lanc Brierfield

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