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Parish registers of Middleton Tyas

Baptisms 1804 to 1812

Image 166LBaptisms 1804
April 1st     Bapt'd Mary daughter of John & Jane Forster
May 20th     Baptized George son of William & Mary Oliver
May 27th     Bapt. John Harrison illegitimate son of Ethildrith Dinsdale not filiated
July 15th     Bapt'd Thomas illegitimate son of Thos. Metcalfe & Isabel Davies
July 15th     Bapt'd Robert son of William & Margaret Browne
July 20th     Bapt'd William son of John & Mary Bennison
August 12th     Jane daughter of William & Sarah Gibbons aged 2 years
August 12th     William son of William & Sarah Gibbons
August 12th     Jane daughter of Hugh & Mary Ord
August 22d     Bp. Nyindies Primary Visitation
August 23d     The Confirmation
                     Joseph Clarke Curate
Image 166RBaptisms 1804
Sept'r 2d     Bapt'd Elizabeth daughter of George & Mary Langstaff
Sep'r 16th     Bapt'd Richard son of Ralph & Margaret Parkinson
Sep'r 30th     Bapt'd Thomas son of Richard & Jane Nixon
October 14th     Bapt'd Mary daughter of George & Isabel I'Anson
Oct'r 21st     Bapt'd Robert son of Thomas & Ann Stephenson
Oct'r 21st     George son of Robert & Ann Swinton
Oct'r 21st     Jane daug'r of Robert & Sarah Baxter
Oct'r 21st     Hannah daug'r of Bartholomew & Sarah Atkinson
Oct'r 28th     John & Joseph twin sons of John & Dorothy Burn
Nov'r 25th     Bapt'd George son of John and Mary Atkinson
Nov'r 25.     Alice daughter of Matt'w & Jane Horner
Dec'r 16.     Bapt'd Thomas son of William & Isabella Brentley
Dec'r 25.     Bapt'd Carr son of William & Jane Gibbon
                     Joseph Clarke Curate
Image 167LBaptisms 1805
January 10.     Bapt'd John Moore son of Mr. Sampson George Attorney at Law, and Sarah his Wife
Feb: 12.     Bapt'd Mary daughter of Mr. Robert Pybus, Attorney at Law, & Elizabeth his Wife
Feb: 24.     Bapt'd Christian daughter of Thomas & Hannah Davison
March 3.     Bapt'd Francis Hedley illegitimate son of John Hedley & Jane Scarlet
March 31.     Bapt'd Jane daughter of Bernard & Margaret Spence
April 14.     Bapt'd Eliz'th daughter of Francis & Mary Boynton
June 9.     Bapt'd Hannah daughter of Peter & Jane Pickering
16.     Mary daug'r of Geo. & Jane Patterson
30.     James son of James & Mary Metcalfe
July 21.     John son of Wm. & Jane Prest
                     Thompson son of John & Mary Fletcher
                     William son of Rob't & Eliz'th Thompson
                     Joseph Clarke Curate
Image 169RBaptisms 1805
August 25.     John son of Ralph & Eliz'th Brown
Sept'r 1.     Mary daug'r of Wm. & Ruth Weatherhead
- 22.     Anne daug'r of John & Jane Atkinson
- 22.     Mary illegitimate daughter of Jane Thompson not filiated
Oct'r 20.     Bapt'd Richard son of Mark & Dorothy Harrison
Nov'r 10.     William son of John & Mary Benison
24.     Elizabeth daug'r of William & Margaret Brown
-     John son of Geo. & Mary Lindsey
-     Isabella illegitimate daug'r of Francis Robinson & Ann Greathead
Dec'r 3.     Thomas son of Mr. S. George Solicitor & Sarah his Wife
- 25.     John son of John & Hannah Tunstall
Dec'r 31.     George son of Thomas Davison Gent & Anne his Wife
                     Joseph Clarke Curate
                     Mary Langstaff [written very faintly under the curate's signature]
Image 170LBaptisms 1806
January 12.     Margery daug'r of James & Martha Burdon
February 17.     Thomas son of Thomas & Isabella Frankland
March 23.     Ann daug'r of Joseph & Mary Mason
June 29.     Elizabeth daug'r of William & Mary Gibbons
July 6.     Elizabeth daug'r of George & Isabella I'Anson
                     Visitation July 10.
July 13.     William son of Tobias & Jane Harrison
July 21.     Anne daughter of William and Anne Milburn
August 31.     Isabella daug'r of Geo: & Anne Snowdon
-     John & Ann twin son & daug'r of William & Ann Pamler
Oct'r 12.     John son of John & Eliz'th Pearson
- 26.     Thomas son of John & Jane Forster
Nov'r 9.     Thomas illegitimate son of Robert Elgie & Eleanor Metcalfe
Nov'r 9.     Jane daughter of Richard and Jane Nixon
                     Joseph Clarke Curate
Image 170RBaptisms 1806
Nov: 30.     Frances daughter of William & Mary Oliver
Nov'r 30.     Frances daughter of Robert and Dorothy I'Anson
Dec'r 21.     William son of John & Anne Gibbon
Dec'r 25.     Edward son of John & Mary Fletcher
Dec'r 25.     Thomas son of William & Jane Bellonby
Dec'r 26.     Ann daug'r of James & Mary Metcalfe
Dec'r 28.     William son of Thomas & Ann Stephenson
Baptized 1807
January 1st.     Robert son of Thomas & Frances Glover
Jan'ry 4.     Mary illegitimate daughter of John Wilson & Isabel Davies
Jan: 11th     James son of William & Isabel Brentley
Jan: 18.     Hannah daughter of George & Mary Langstaff
                     Joseph Clarke Curate
Image 171LBaptized 1807
April 12.     William son of Robert & Ann Swinton [child's name Robert struck out]
April 26.     Margaret daughter of Will'm & Lucy Geldart
May 17.     Thomas son of Tho's & Alice Plews
May 24.     John son of John & Mary Atkinson
May 31.     George son of Matt'w & Jane Horner
                     Commissary Visit'n July 23
July 27.     Sophia daug'r of Mr. Sampson George Solicitor & Sarah his Wife
August 9.     Isaac son of James & Jane Hutchinson
Aug'st 23.     Anne daug'r of W'm. & Jane Prest
-     Elizabeth daug'r of Ralph & Margaret Parkinson
September 27.     Thomas son of William & Sarah Kell
October 11th     Ann daughter of Francis & Mary Boynton
Dec'r 27.     William son of John & Ann Tomas
Dec'r 27.     John son of Will'm & Jane Gibbons
Dec'r 28.     George son of William & Ruth Weatherhead
Dec'r 29.     Mary daughter of Thomas & Frances Glover
                     Joseph Clarke Curate
Image 171R1808 Baptisms 1808
Jan'ry 3d     Ann daughter of William & Margaret Brown
Jan'ry 31.     Ann daughter of Hugh & Mary Ord
April 10.     Thomas son of Will'm & Ann Pamler
April 20.     Sarah daug'r of Robert & Margaret Hall
May 8.     John son of John & Elizabeth Bennison
June 12.     Hannah daug'r of Bernard & Margaret Spence
June 12.     Eleanor daug'r of John & Sarah Wright
June 19.     Christopher son of John & Mary Bennison
                     Commissary's Visitation July 21
July 31.     William illegitimate son of Geo: Linton & Ann Tinkler
Sept'r 25.     Margaret daughter of Robert & Dorothy I'Anson
Oct'r 2.     Mary daug'r of Will'm & Jane Dobbin
Oct'r 9.     Michael son of Rob't & Eliz'th Thompson
Nov'r 6.     John son of John & Mary Fletcher
                     Joseph Clarke Curate
Image 172LBaptisms 1808
Dec'r 9.     John son of Richard & Jane Nixon
Dec'r 11.     Thomas son of Thomas & Frances Glover
Dec'r 20.     Charles son of Sampson George Solicitor & Sarah his wife
Dec'r 25.     Margaret daug'r of Will'm & Isabel Brentley
- 28.     Mark son of Philip & Anne Heaton
Baptized 1809
Jan: 1.     Jane daug'r of Tobias & Jane Harrison
- 22d.     George son of Geo: & Sarah Mitchison
Feb: 5th.     Robert son of John & Jane Atkinson
April 4.     Robert son of Rob't & Sarah Baxter
April 9.     Henry son of Edward & Jane Alderson
June 4.     James illegitimate son of Eleanor Metcalfe not filiated
June the 18th     William son of John & Anne Gibbons
July 27.     Visitation
                     Joseph Clarke Curate
Image 172RBaptisms 1809
August 2d     Tho's & Jane twin son & daug'r of Ralph & Marg't Parkinson
Aug'st 27.     George son of Rob't & Marg't Hall
Sept'r 24.     Peter son of John & Anne Tomas
Nov'r 14.     Thomas Sayer son of William & Anne Milburn aged 1 year & 11 months
Nov'r 14.     William son of William & Anne Milburn
Nov'r 26.     Tho's son of W'm. & Jane Gibbons
Nov: 26.     Sarah illegitimate daughter of Anthony Harker & Eliz: Heaton
Dec'r 20.     Martha posthumous daug'r of Matt'w Horner & Jane his Widow
Dec'r 25.     James son of John & Hannah Tunstall
Baptized 1810
January 7th     Michael illegitimate son of Michael Sanderson & Hannah Scott
Jan: 14.     John illegit: son of W'm. Dinsdale & Eliz'th Gibson
- 14th:     John illegit: son of mother's surname Baxter crossed out
- 16th.     Elizabeth daug'r of Robert Pybus Solicitor & Eliz: his wife
21.     Robert illegit: son of Mary Gibbons
Image 173LBaptised 1810
Feb'ry 16     William son of Ralph & Ann Crooks
March 25     Mary daughter of Will'm & Marg't Brown
April 22.     Philip son of John & Eliz: Bennison
Ap:22:     Dorothy daug'r of Geo: & Mary Langstaffe
Ap:28.     Margaret daug'r of John & Dorothy Wilkinson
- 29     Alice daug'r of Tho's & Alice Plews
May 13.     Frances daug'r of Geo: & Frances Hardy
June 10.     Ann daug'r of W'm. & Ruth Weatherhead
June 10.     Jane daug'r of W'm. & Sarah Bennison
July 8.     Ann daug'r of W'm. & Ann Pamler
-     Fanny daug'r of Bernard & Mary Spence
July 15.     Eliz'th: daug'r of W'm. & Jane Prest
-     Joseph son of John & Mary Bennison
July 26:     The Commissary's Visitation
Aug'st 5.     Hannah daugther of W'm. & Jane Bellonby
Sep'r 2d     Hannah daug'r of Tho's & Frances Glover
- 2.     Jane daug'r of John & Mary Atkinson
Oct'r 28th     Harriot illegitimate daughter of Geo: Heppel & Mary Thompson
Nov'r 4.     Robert son of Rob't & Dorothy I'Anson
Dec'r 26.     Ann daughter of William & Ann Hopps
Dec'r 27.     Robert son of Christopher & Abigail I'Anson
Image 173RBaptized 1811
January 1st.     John son of W'm. & Jane Dobbin
- 6.     Christopher son of Hugh & Mary Ord
- 17.     Ann daug'r of John & Eliz'th: Pearson
March 1st     Georgiana daughter of Thomas Graham Begbie & Isabella his wife
March 3.     John illegitimate son of Mrs. Ann Peacock widow, not filiated
March 10.     Thomas son of Ralph & Marg't Parkinson
April 7.     John son of John & Rachel Lazenby
June 16.     John son of George & Mary Heppel
- 30     Robert son of John & Ann Fletcher
- 30     Jane daughter of Edw'd & Jane Alderson
July 16.     Bp. Sparke's Primary Visitation. Mr. Bethell preached
Aug'st 4.     Matthew son of John & Jane Smith
25.     William son of Richard & Jane Nixon
Sept'r 8.     John illegitimate son of Eleanor Metcalfe not filiated
Oct'r 6.     Ann daughter of Tho's & Hannah Stephenson
Nov'r. 24.     Isabella daughter of James & Mary Lazenby
-     Isabel daughter of John & Elizabeth Crozier
Dec'r 8th     Jane illegitimate daughter of John Fawdon and Hannah Scott
25.     John son of Philip & Ann Heaton
Baptized 1812
Jan'y 26.     Robert son of Rob't & Marg't Hall
Feb: 16.     George son of John & Ann Toms
March 29:     Anne daug'r of W'm. & Isabel Brentley
-     John illegitimate son of Marg't Wilson not filiated
                     Joseph Clarke Curate
Image 174LBaptized 1812
May 10.     John son of W'm. & Ann Pamler
May 17.     William son of W'm. & Marg't Brown
May 24.     Rebecca daug'r of Bernard & Marg't Spence
June 7.     Mary daug'r of Ralph & Sarah Marr
June 28.     John son of Ralph & Ann Crooks
July 5.     John son of Tho's & Mary Pickering
July 9.     The Commissary's Visitation
Aug'st. 11.     Richard son of W'm. & Ann Milburne
Aug'st. 23.     Jane illegitimate daugt of Mary Gibbons
Aug'st. 30.     Robert illegitimate son of George Kay & Sarah Martin
Sept'r. 13th.     Ann daughter of William & Sarah Gibbons
Sept'r. 13.     Ann daughter of John & Hannah Smurthwaite
Nov'r. 15th.     John son of George & Dinah Pickering
Nov'r. 22d.     Ambrose illegitimate son of John Hall & Isabel Davies
Dec'r . 2d.     William son of John & Dorothy Wilkinson
Dec'r . 25th.     Margaret daughter of Joseph & Ann Henderson
                     Joseph Clarke Curate

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