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May Aldersley


Father: Arthur Aldersley
Mother: Margaret Shutt (1861-1941)



May Aldersley + Percy Arnold Baxter


1889-Q2 Birth Source: lancashirebmd  [transcript 1]
Source: freebmd  [transcript 2]
1891-04-05 Census Age: 2
Abode: 276 Colne Road, Burnley
Source: Census record RG12-3362-102-32
1901-03-31 Census Age: 12
Abode: 78 Rosegrove Lane, Burnley
Source: Census record RG13-3873-28-6
1910-Q1 Marriage
to Percy Arnold Baxter (abt.1887-1962)
Source: lancashirebmd  [transcript 3]
Source: freebmd  [transcript 4]
1911-04-02 Census Age: 22
Occupation: Dressmaker
Abode: 31 Rose Grove Lane, Burnley
Source: Census record RG14PN24849-RG78PN1422-RD472-SD2-ED26-SN173
1935 Death Source: lancashirebmd  [transcript 5]
Source: freebmd  [transcript 6]
Source: freebmd

Transcripts of sources

 Lancashire Birth indexes for the years: 1889
 ALDERSLEY  May  Burnley  Preston  SHUTT  BU/185/74
 Births Jun 1889
 Aldersley  May    Burnley  8e 172
 Lancashire Marriage indexes for the years: 1910
 ALDERSLEY May  BAXTER Percy Arnold  Burnley Register Office or Registrar Attended  Preston  RM/151/187
 Marriages Mar 1910
 BAXTER Percy Arnold     Burnley  8e 475
 Aldersley May           Burnley  8e 475
 Lancashire Death indexes for the years: 1935
 BAXTER  May  47  Blackpool South  Blackpool  BS/23/57
 Deaths Dec 1935
 Baxter  May  47  Fylde  8e 750

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