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Frederick Aspden


Father: William Aspden (1857-1921)
Mother: Grace Hargreaves (1860-1949)




1890-08-30 Birth Source: Estimated from 1891 census
Source: lancashirebmd  [transcript 1]
1890-09-18 Baptism Place: St John the Baptist, Gannow, Burnley
Abode: 240 Accrington Road, Burnley
Birthdate: 1890-08-30
Source: Parish register  [image 1]  [transcript 2]
Source: lan-opc  [link]  [transcript 3]
1891-04-05 Census Abode: 240 Accrington Road, Burnley
Age: 7 months
Birthplace: Burnley, Lancashire
Source: Census record RG12-3371-13-20  [image 2]  [image 3]  [transcript 4]
1901-03-31 Census Abode: 8 Villiers Street, Burnley
Age: 10
Birthplace: Burnley, Lancashire
Source: Census record RG13-3872-137-4  [image 4]  [transcript 5]
abt.1903-02-18 Death Age: 12 Source: Estimated from burial record
Source: lancashirebmd  [transcript 6]
1903-02-21 Burial Place: Grave 16576, Burnley Cemetery Source: lan-opc  [link]  [transcript 7]

Transcripts of sources

 ASPDEN  Frederick  HARGREAVES  1890  Burnley  Lancashire  Preston  BU/195/54
 Page 48  BAPTISMS solemnized in the Parish of Gannow in the Counties of Burnley & Lancaster
 in the year One thousand eight hundred and ninety
 1890 Sept 18th  No. 384  Frederick  William & Grace  Aspden  240 Accrington Road  Miner  W.J. Gerratt
 Aug 30th /90  [written in right margin]
 Baptism: 18 Sep 1890 St John the Baptist, Burnley, Lancs.
 Frederick Aspden - [Child] of William Aspden & Grace
     Born: 30 Aug 1890
     Abode: 240 Accrington Road
     Occupation: Miner
     Baptised by: W. J. Gerratt
     Register: Baptisms 1887 - 1893, Page 48, Entry 384
     Source: Original Parish Register
RG12 Piece 3371 Folio 13 Page 20

Administrative County of Lancashire

Civil Parish of Habergham Eaves
County Borough of Burnley
Municipal Ward of Gannow
Urban Sanitary District of Burnley
Town or Village or Hamlet of Burnley
Parliamentary Borough or Division of Burnley
Ecclesiastical Parish or District of St John

Schedule 120  Accrington Rd 240  4 Rooms

Wm Aspden           Head  Married    34     Coal Miner   _X_   Lancashire Rishton
Grace [Aspden]      Wife  [Married]     31                     [Lancashire] Burnley
Jas Wm [Aspden]     Son   Single     10                        [Lancashire Burnley]
Mina [Aspden]       Daur  .              7                     [Lancashire Burnley]
Rachel [Aspden]     Daur  .              5                     [Lancashire Burnley]
Leah [Aspden]       Daur  .              3                     [Lancashire Burnley]
Frederick [Aspden]  Son   .          7mon                      [Lancashire Burnley]

Transcribed from Census-1891-RG12-3371-13-20.jpeg by dh
1901 census  RG13 Piece 3872 Folio 137 Page 42

Administrative County 
Civil Parish of Burnley
Ecclesiastical Parish of St John the Baptist Gannow
County Borough of Burnley
Ward of Municipal Borough of Gannow
Parliamentary Borough of Burnley

Schedule 214 [215 struck out]  8 Villiers St

Wm Aspden         Head      M     43     Coal Miner Below underground  Worker    Rishton Lanc
Grace Aspden      Wife      M        41                                          Burnley Lanc
Jas Wm Aspden     Son       Sing  20     Coal Miner Below underground  Worker    Burnley Lanc
Mina Aspden       daughter  Sing     17  Cotton Weaver                 Worker    [Burnley Lanc]
Rachael Aspden    daughter  Sing     15  Cotton Weaver                 Worker    [Burnley Lanc]
Leah Aspden       daughter  Sing     13  Cotton Weaver                 Worker    [Burnley Lanc]
Fred Aspden       Son       Sing  10                                             [Burnley Lanc]
Squire Ed Aspden  Son       Sing  8                                              [Burnley Lanc]

Transcribed from Census-1901-RG13-3872-137-42.jpg by dh
 Death:  ASPDEN  Frederick  12  1903  Burnley West  Lancashire  Preston  BUW/11/43
 Burial: 21 Feb 1903 Burnley Cemetery, Burnley, Lancs.
 Frederick Aspden -
     Age: 12yrs
     Abode: Accrington Road
     Grave: 16576
     Gender: M
     Register: Burials 1899 - 1904, Page 226, Entry 60298
     Source: Original Registers Book 8

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