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Emily Crabtree + Albert Edmondson


1877-08-29 Birth Source: 1939 register
Source: Estimated from age at death, age in 1911 census.
Source: lancashirebmd (possible)  [transcript 1]
1904 Marriage
to Albert Edmondson (1877-1946)
Source: lancashirebmd  [transcript 2]
1911-04-02 Census Age: 33
Occupation: At Home
Abode: 36 Gannow Lane, Burnley
Source: Census record RG14PN24847-RG78PN1422-RD472-SD2-ED24-SN61  [image 1]
1939-09-29 1939 register Birthdate: 1877-08-29
Abode: 20 Dugdale Road, Burnley
Source: 1939 register RG101-4312j-005-34  [link]  [image 2]  [transcript 3]
1949-06 Death Place: 20 Dugdale Road, Burnley
Age: 71
Source: Estimated from burial record
1949-06-22 Burial Place: Grave NE10351, Burnley Cemetery Source: Parish records at  [link]  [transcript 4]

Transcripts of sources

 Lancashire Birth indexes for the years: 1877
 CRABTREE  Emily  Burnley  Preston  TOWLER  BU/118/65
 Lancashire Marriage indexes for the years: 1904
 EDMONDSON  Albert  CRABTREE  Emily  Burnley Register Office or Registrar Attended  Preston  RM/127/170
 E.D. Letter code [blank]  Borough, U.D. or R.D. [blank]  Reg. District and Subdistrict [blank]
 Address:      20 Dugdale Road  53/2
 Name:         Edmondson  Emily
 M/F:          F
 Birthdate:    29 Aug  77
 SMWD:         M
 Occupation:   Unpaid Domestic Duties
 Burial: 22 Jun 1949 Burnley Cemetery, Burnley, Lancashire, England
 Emily Edmondson -
 Age: 71yrs
 Abode: 20 Dugdale Road
 Grave: NE10351
 Gender: F
 Register: Burials 1948 - 1958, Page 27, Entry 122288
 Source: Original Registers Book 16

File sources

Image: Census-1911-RG14PN24847-RG78PN1422-RD472-SD2-ED24-SN61.jpeg
Image: 1939-Register-TNA-R39-4312-4312j-005.jpg

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