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Mary Elizabeth Edmondson


Father: Nicholas Edmondson (1826-1888)
Mother: Elizabeth Boothman (1828-1891)




abt.1864-01 Birth
1864-01-17 Baptism Place: St Paul, Burnley
Abode: Roberts Row [link]
Source: Parish record  [image 1]  [transcript 1]
Source: lan-opc  [link]  [transcript 2]
1864 Death Source: lancashirebmd  [transcript 3]

Transcripts of sources

 Page 68  BAPTISMS solemnized in the Parish of St Paul Burnley
 in the County of Lancaster in the Year 1863
 No. 540.  Jan'y 17  Mary Elizabeth  Nicholas Elizabeth  Edmondson  Roberts Row  Carter  R Nicholson
 Baptism: 17 Jan 1864 St Paul, Burnley, Lancashire, England
 Mary Elizabeth Edmondson - Child of Nicholas Edmondson & Elizabeth
 Abode: Roberts Row
 Occupation: Carter
 Baptised by: R Nicholson
 Register: Baptisms 1846 - 1880, Page 68, Entry 540
 Source: LDS Film 1517689
 EDMONDSON  Mary Elizabeth  0  1864  Burnley  Lancashire  Preston  BU/43/18

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