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John Haworth


Father: Edwin Haworth (1867-1960)
Mother: Nancy Hooson (1869-1904)


Other parents of half-siblings:
1mother: Mary Jane Gregory




1895-12-31 Birth Place: 25 Oak Street, Brierfield, Lancashire Source: Birth certificate  [transcript 1]
Source: lancashirebmd  [transcript 2]
1896-03-01 Baptism Place: St Andrew, Burnley
Abode: 25 Oak Street, Brierfield
Source: Parish record  [transcript 3]
Source: lan-opc  [link]  [transcript 4]
1901-03-31 Census Age: 5
Abode: 25 Timber St., Brierfield
Source: Census record RG13-3884-37-22
1911-04-02 Census Age: 15
Occupation: Cotton Weaver
Abode: 23 Ripon St., Nelson
Source: Census record RG14PN24904-RG78PN1424-RD472-SD4-ED24-SN230
1914-12-15 Military service Regiment: Royal Lancashire Regiment
1924-06-04 Marriage
to Edith Brown (1897-1991)
Place: Brierfield, St. Luke
Age: 28
Abode: 56 Halifax Road, Brierfield
Occupation: Cotton weaver
Witness: Claude Pilkington
Witness: Ellen Pilkington
Source: lancashirebmd
Source: BMD Index
Source: Marriage certificate  [transcript 5]
Source: lan-opc  [link]  [transcript 6]
1954-01-18 Death Place: 54 Brennand Street, Burnley
Age: 58
Source: Estimated from burial record
Source: Death notice  [transcript 7]
1954-01-21 Burial Place: Grave 11/42, Inghamite Chapel, Wheatley Lane Source: Personal knowledge
Source: Burial record (
Source: lan-opc  [link]  [transcript 8]

Transcripts of sources

 Father: Edwin Haworth, weaver. Mother: Nancy Haworth nee Hooson. Registered 24 Jan 1896
 Lancashire Birth indexes for the years: 1896
 HAWORTH  John  Nelson  Preston  HOOSON  NEL/3/23
 BAPTISMS solemnized in the Parish of St, Andrew Burnley in the County of Lancaster
 in the year One thousand eight hundred and ninety six.  Page 81
 No. 647  1896 March first  John  Edwin & Nancy  Howarth  25 Oak Street Brierfield  Weaver  W.E. Stebbing
 [in left margin] B. 31st Dec'r 1895
 Baptism: 1 Mar 1896 St Andrew, Burnley, Lancs.
 John Howarth - [Child] of Edwin Howarth & Nancy
     Born: 31 Dec 1895
     Abode: 25 Oak Street, Briarfield
     Occupation: Weaver
     Baptised by: W. E. Stebbing
     Register: Baptisms 1887 - 1896, Page 81, Entry 647
     Source: Original Parish Register
 John Haworth, weaver of 56 Halifax Road, Brierfield. Father: Edwin Haworth, weaver.
 Edith Brown, weaver of 43 Clitheroe Road, Brierfield. Father: Joshua Brown (deceased).
 Marriage: 4 Jun 1924 St Luke the Evangelist, Brierfield, Lancs.
 John Haworth - 28 years, Cotton Weaver, Bachelor, 56 Halifax Road Brierfield
 Edith Brown - 26 years, Cotton Weaver, Spinster, 43 Clitheroe Road Brierfield
     Groom's Father: Edwin Haworth, Cotton Weaver
     Bride's Father: Joshua Brown, Deceased, Cotton Weaver
     Witness: Claude Pilkington; Ellen Pilkington
     Married by Banns by: Thomas Smith, Vicar
     Register: Marriages 1916 - 1927, Page 90, Entry 180
     Source: Original Parish Register
 HAWORTH. --On Jan. 18th. John, aged 58 years, beloved husband of Edith Haworth,
 of 54, Brennand-street. Interred, Thursday, Wheatley Carr. -- Burnley Co-op.
 Funeral Services. Tel. 3169.
 Burial: 21 Jan 1954 Wheatley Lane Inghamite, Fence In Pendle, Lancs.
 John Haworth -
 Age: 58 years
 Abode: 54 Brennand St, Burnley
 Grave: 42
 Notes: F.I. Josiah Brown, [page] 68
 Section: 11
 Buried by: A.S.A
 Register: Burials Section 9-11 1911 - 2002, Page 318
 Source: Original Parish Register

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