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William Pollard


Father: John Pollard (abt.1824-1887)
Mother: Alice Hargreaves (1826-1905)




1849-10-14 Birth Place: Burnley Source: Baptism record
1849-11-03 Baptism Place: Holy Trinity, Burnley
Abode: Wood Top, Burnley
Source: Parish record  [image 1]  [transcript 1]
Source: lan-opc  [link]  [transcript 2]
abt.1849-11-06 Death Abode: Wood Top Habergham Eaves
Age: 3 weeks
Cause: Inflammation of the tonsils(?)
Source: Estimated from burial record
Source: lancashirebmd  [transcript 3]
1849-11-09 Burial Place: Holy Trinity, Habergham Eaves Source: Parish record  [image 2]  [transcript 4]
Source: lan-opc  [link]  [transcript 5]

Transcripts of sources

 Page 105.
 BAPTISMS solemnized in the Chapelry of Habergham Eaves in the County of Lancaster in the Year 1849
 Novem 3rd No. 835.  William  John & Alice  Pollard formerly Hargreaves  Wood top Habergham Eaves  Labourer  Thomas Wilson Incumbent
 Oct'r 14th [written in left margin]
 Baptism: 3 Nov 1849 Holy Trinity, Habergham Eaves, Lancashire, England
 William Pollard - [Child] of John Pollard & Alice (formerly Hargreaves))
 Born: 14 Oct 1849
 Abode: Wood top, Habergham Eaves
 Occupation: Labourer
 Baptised by: Thomas Miller, Incumbent
 Register: Baptisms 1837 - 1863, Page 105, Entry 835
 Source: LDS Film 1526142
 POLLARD  William  0  1849  Burnley  Lancashire  Preston  BU/16/30
 Page 56.
 BURIALS in the Chapelry of Habergham Eaves in the County of Lancaster in the Year 1849
 No. 445. William Pollard  Wood top Habergham Eaves  Nov'r 9th  three weeks  Thomas Wilson Incumbent
 Inflammation of the tonsils(?) [Written below name]
 Burial: 9 Nov 1849 Holy Trinity, Habergham Eaves, Lancs.
 William Pollard -
 Age: 3 weeks
 Abode: Wood Top Habergham Eaves
 Cause of Death: Inflammation of the tonsils?
 Buried by: Thomas Wilson Incumbent
 Register: Burials 1837 - 1900, Page 56, Entry 445
 Source: LDS Film 1526143

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