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William Shutt


Father: William Shutt (1833-1905)
Mother: Elizabeth Burrows (abt.1835-1917)




1858 Birth Source: Durham County Council search engine. Put Burrows in "Other words..." field.  [transcript 1]
1861-04-07 Census Age: 2
Abode: Hudsons Row, Little Marsden
Birthplace: Durham, Witton
Source: Census record RG09-3077-43-39
1871-04-02 Census Age: 12
Occupation: Pit-Boy
Abode: Colne Road, Brierfield
Birthplace: Durham, Escomb
Source: Census record RG10-4155-93-7
1881-04-03 Census Age: 22
Occupation: News Agent
Abode: 250 Colne Road, Burnley
Birthplace: Durham, Witton
Source: Census record RG11-4149-6-6
1891-04-05 Census Age: 32
Occupation: Home Painter
Abode: 6 Hallwell Street, Burnley
Birthplace: Durham, Witton Park
Source: Census record RG12-3361-135-14
1891-07-04 Death Place: Burnley
Age: 32
Source: Gravestone  [link]
1891-07-07 Burial Place: Grave 4/202, Wheatley Lane Inghamite Chapel Source: Gravestone  [link]
Source: Parish Register (cemsearch)  [transcript 2]
Source: lan-opc  [link]  [transcript 3]

Transcripts of sources

 4/202  William  SHUTT  07/07/1891  0  3399
 Burial: 7 Jul 1891 Wheatley Lane Inghamite, Fence in Pendle, Lancs.
 William Shutt -
 Age: 32 years
 Abode: Burnley
 Grave: 202
 Notes: Paid 10/6 for two grave plots numbers 201 and 202. Made into a double vault
 June 17th 1892.
 His son William removed into plot No 201. See page 223, 273.
 Paid £1 more for Ground.
 This Double Vault transferred to William Shutts son in
 law James Taylor of 50 Cleaver St. Burnley
 Section: 4
 Register: Burials Section 1-4 1877 - 1928, Page 111
 Source: Original Parish Register

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