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Hargreaves Thornber


Father: Norman Thornber (1858-1922)
Mother: Sarah Jane Yoxall (abt.1859-?)



Hargreaves Thornber + Mary Elizabeth Haworth


1889-09-24 Birth Source: Baptism record
Source: BMD Index 1889-Dec  [transcript 1]
Source: lancashirebmd  [transcript 2]
1894-12-19 Baptism Place: St Andrew, Burnley
Abode: 298 Colne Road, Burnley
Source: Parish record
1891-04-05 Census Age: 1
Abode: 298 Colne Road, Burnley
Source: Census record
Source: Craig Thornber's pages  [link]
Source: search results (scraped)  [transcript 3]
1901-03-31 Census Age: 11
Abode: 39 Murray Street, Burnley
Source: Census record
Source: Craig Thornber's pages  [link]
Source: (search results)  [transcript 4]
1911-04-02 Census Age: 21 Source: Census record
Source: (search results)  [transcript 5]
1912-07-04 Marriage
to Mary Elizabeth Haworth (1887-?)
Place: St Andrew, Burnley
Age: 22
Occupation: Carter
Abode: 2 Murray Street, Burnley
Witness: William Bradshaw Thornber
Witness: Lucy Hardman
Source: Parish record  [transcript 6]
Source: lancashirebmd  [transcript 7]
Source: BMD Index 1912-Sep
Source: lan-opc  [link]  [transcript 8]
1949-04-01 Death Place: Victoria Hospital, Burnley
Age: 59
Abode: 9 Walpole Street, Burnley
Source: Probate calendar  [transcript 9]
Source: lancashirebmd  [transcript 10]

Transcripts of sources

 Thormber Hargreaves  Burnley  8e 175
 THORMBER  Hargreaves  YOXALL  1889  Burnley  Lancashire  Preston  BU/189/52
 1891 Census BURNLEY, Lancashire RG12 piece 3362 folio 103 page 34
 THORNBER, Norman         32  M
 THORNBER, Sarah J        32  F
 YOXALL, Martha           12  F
 THORNBER, Harry           9  M
 THORNBER, William B       6  M
 HARGREAVES, Margaret E   31  F
 HARGREAVES, Mary          8  F
 THORNBER, Hargreaves      1  M
 1901 Census BURNLEY, Lancashire RG13 piece 3866 folio 145 page 35
 THORNBER, Norman        42  M
 THORNBER, Sarah J       42  F
 THORNBER, Harry         19  M
 THORNBER, William B     16  M
 THORNBER, Harry Reaves  11  M
 THORNBER, Herbert        4  M
 1911 Census BURNLEY, Lancashire
 Reference RG14PN24809 RG78PN1421 RD472 SD1 ED31 SN64
 THORNBER, Norman           52   M
 THORNBER, Sarah Jane       52   F
 THORNBER, Willie Bradshaw  26   M
 THORNBER, Hugrewes         21   M
 THORNBER, Herbert           4   M
 Page 184  1912.  Marriage solemnized at The Parish Church in the Parish
 of St Andrew, Burnley in the Counties of Lancaster & Burnley
 No. 368  July 4th 1912
 Hargreaves Thornber     22  Bachelor  Carter  2 Murray Street     Norman Thornber  Coal Dealer
 Mary Elizabeth Haworth  24  Spinster  Weaver  51 Brennand Street  Edwin Haworth    Weaver
 Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church,
 after Banns by me, Thomas William  Curate
 This Marriage was solemnized between us,  {  Hargreaves Thornber     }
                                           {  Mary Elizabeth Haworth  }
 in the Presence of us,  {  William Bradshaw Thornber  }
                         {  Lucy Hardman               }
 TW (+) [in left margin. Bride's name Howarth struck through, marked (+)]
 TW [in left margin. Something unreadable inserted between "the Established"]
 THORNBER Hargreaves   HAWORTH Mary Elizabeth   Burnley, St Andrew   Preston CE107/4/368
 Marriage: 4 Jul 1912 St Andrew, Burnley, Lancs.
 Hargreaves Thornber - 22, Carter, Bachelor, 2 Murray Street
 Mary Elizabeth Haworth - 24, Weaver, Spinster, 51 Brennand Street
     Groom's Father: Norman Thornber, Coal Dealer
     Bride's Father: Edwin Haworth, Weaver
     Witness: William Bradshaw Thornber; Lucy Hardman
     Married by Banns by: Thomas Williams, Curate
     Register: Marriages 1904 - 1916, Page 184, Entry 368
     Source: Original Parish Register
 THORNBER Hargreaves of 9 Walpole-street Burnley died 1 April 1940 at the Victoria Hostpital Burnley
 Probate Lancaster 3 April to Mary Elizabeth Thornber widow. Effects £2507 0s. 10d
 THORNBER Hargreaves   59   Burnley East   Preston   BUE/33/29

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