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For each person there is a personal 'index card' that carries information such as parents, siblings and children, along with a timeline, with filenames and transcriptions of information sources. From an index card, you can click on another person to view their index card.

There are family trees showing the descendants of the furthest tips of the ancestor tree. In the trees, you can click on an individual to view their index card. Some of the trees are quite large.

You can find an index by surname here. You can also find the index from the "Name index" link in the menu at the top right of every page. In the index, click on a letter, then on a surname, to open a list of all the people with that surname.

At any time, you can return to this page by clicking "Home" on the menu at the top right.

A remark about dates

In olden times, the new year started on or about 25th March. The modern new year's day of 1st January was adopted some time in the mid- to late-1700s - at different times depending on the parish. Sometimes you find anomalies that can be explained by this - for example, a couple who marry in May 1700 who baptise their first child in February 1700. When you read parish registers sequentially, it's obvious what's going on.

In the records on this website, I try to adjust the date of events to the equivalent date with respect to the modern new year of Jan 1st. In the cases where I have access to the PRs I have made adjustments, but in cases where I have single events the modern date isn't always clear, so I leave the date "as transcribed".

Immediate ancestors

This list contains links to the youngest ancestors who are considered to be public. There are also links to the ancestor trees (Ahnentafel) of some of the people.

     Haworths      Kellys      Others

Family trees

The trees in this list are trees of descendants of the most distant ancestors in the database on each branch. This list is also available in the drop-down "Trees" menu at the top right of every page.

     Haworths      Kellys      Non-ancestral lines

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