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Jane Kearton Clarke


Father: Robert Clarke (abt.1823-1871)
Mother: Jane Kearton (abt.1824-1885)




1867 Birth Source: Estimated from baptism and census records
Source: GRO index  [transcript 1]
1867-09-29 Baptism Place: St John the Divine, Holme in Cliviger, Lancashire
Abode: Jobling Terrace near Portsmouth
Source: Parish record  [transcript 2]
Source: lan-opc  [link]  [transcript 3]
1871-04-02 Census Abode: Cornholme, Jobling Terrace
Age: 3
Birthplace: Portsmouth, Lancash.
Source: Census record RG10-4328-96-43
Source: Photo  [link]
1881-04-03 Census Abode: 5 Jobling Terrace, Portsmouth, Todmorden
Age: 13
Occupation: Scholar
Birthplace: Lancashire Todmorden
Source: Census record RG11-4360-112-26
1891-04-05 Census Abode: Cornholme, Lancashire
Age: 23
Occupation: Schoolmistress
Birthplace: Cornholme Lancashire
Source: Census record RG12-3372-90-23
? Death Source: Assumed; date unknown

Transcripts of sources

 Births Jul/Aug/Sep 1867
 Clarke  Jane Kearton  Todmorden  9a 204
 Page 126  BAPTISMS solemnized in the Parish of Whalley & Church of Holme
 in the County of Lancaster in the Year 1867
 1867 Sep'r 29th  No. 1001  Jane Kearton daughter of  Robert & Jane  Clarke  Jobling Terrace near Portsmouth Miner  D. Sutcliffe
 Baptism: 29 Sep 1867 St John the Divine, Holme in Cliviger, Lancs.
 Jane Kearton Clarke - Daughter of Robert Clarke & Jane
     Abode: Jobling Terrace near Portsmouth
     Occupation: Miner
     Baptised by: D. Sutcliffe
     Register: Baptisms 1841 - 1879, Page 126, Entry 1001
     Source: Original Parish Register

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