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John James Kearton Clarke


Father: Robert Clarke (abt.1823-1871)
Mother: Jane Kearton (abt.1824-1885)




abt.1862-01 Birth Source: Estimated from burial record
abt.1862-02-16 Death Abode: Bradget Hey, Cliviger
Age: 1 month
Source: Estimated from burial record
1862-02-18 Burial Place: St John the Divine, Holme in Cliviger, Lancashire Source: Parish record  [transcript 1]
Source: lan-opc  [link]  [transcript 2]

Transcripts of sources

 Page 116
 BURIALS in the Parish of Whalley at St. John's, Holme in the County of Lancaster in the Year 1861. 2.
 No. 928  John James Kearton Clarke  Bradget Hey  18th February 1862  1 month  Died unbaptised
 Burial: 18 Feb 1862 St John the Divine, Holme in Cliviger, Lancs.
 John James Kearton Clarke -
     Age: 1 month
     Abode: Bradget Hey
     Notes: Died unbaptized
     Register: Burials 1841 - 1880, Page 116, Entry 928
     Source: Original Parish Register

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