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Florrie Hogarth


Father: John Hogarth (abt.1836-1909)
Mother: Mary Buck (1844-1911)


Other parents of half-siblings:
1mother: Isabella Bowling
2father: William Butson
3mother: Isabella Bowling
4father: William Butson
5mother: Isabella Bowling
6father: William Butson



1887-09-94 Birth Source: lancashirebmd  [transcript 1]
Source: Baptism record
1887-10-02 Baptism Place: St Luke Brierfield Source: lan-opc  [link]  [transcript 2]
Source: Parish record  [image 1]  [transcript 3]
1891-04-05 Census Age: 3
Abode: 11 Cross Street, Brierfield
Birthplace: Brierfield, Lancashire
Source: Census record RG12-3379-82-5  [image 2]  [transcript 4]
abt.1893-03-30 Death Place: 11 Cross Street, Brierfield
Age: 5
Source: lancashirebmd  [transcript 5]
1893-04-01 Burial Place: Grave 2/94, Inghamite Chapel, Wheatley Lane Source: lan-opc  [link]  [transcript 6]

Transcripts of sources

 Lancashire Birth indexes for the years: 1887
 HOGARTH  Florrie  Colne  Preston  BUCK  COL/94/96
 Baptism: 2 Oct 1887 St Luke, Brierfield, Lancs.
 Florry Hogarth - [Child] of John Hogarth & Mary
     Born: 4 Sep 1887
     Abode: Brierfield
     Occupation: Overlooker
     Baptised by: Edward Jobson Vicar
     Register: Baptisms 1872 - 1897, Page 49, Entry 385
     Source: LDS Film 1471023
 1887 Oct 2  Sept 4 1887  No. 385  page 49
 Florry  John & Mary  Hogarth  Brierfield  Overlooker  Edward Jobson Vicar
RG12 Piece 3379 Folio 82 Page 5

Administrative County of Lancaster
Civil Parish of Little Marsden (part of)
Urban Sanitary District of Brierfield (part of)
Village of Brierfield (part of)
Parliamentary Division of Clitheroe (part of)
Ecclesiastical Parish of St Lukes (part of)

Schedule 18  11 Cross St.

John Hogarth          Head    M    53       Spinning Manager    _X_    Cuerden Green Lancashire
Mary [Hogarth]        Wife    M       46                               Wheatley Lane [Lancashire]
John [Hogarth]        Son     S    19       Cotton Weaver              Brierfield [Lancashire]
Alfred [Hogarth]      Son     S    18       [Cotton Weaver]     _X_    [Brierfield Lancashire]
William [Hogarth]     Son     S    15       [Cotton Weaver]     _X_    [Brierfield Lancashire]
Walker [Hogarth]      Son          13       [Cotton Weaver]     _X_    [Brierfield Lancashire]
Benjamin [Hogarth]    Son          12       [Cotton Weaver]     _X_    [Brierfield Lancashire]
Mary J [Hogarth]      Daur             9    Scholar                    [Brierfield Lancashire]
George E [Hogarth]    Son           6       [Scholar]                  [Brierfield Lancashire]
Florrie [Hogarth]     Daur             3                               [Brierfield Lancashire]

Transcribed from Census-1891-RG12-3379-82-5.jpeg by dh
 Lancashire Death indexes for the years: 1893
 HOGARTH  Florrie  5  Colne  Preston  COL/66/100
 Burial: 1 Apr 1893 Wheatley Lane Inghamite, Fence in Pendle, Lancs.
 Florrie Hogarth - Daughter of John Hogarth & Mary
 Age: 5 years
 Abode: 11 Cross Street, Brierfield
 Grave: 94
 Notes: Laid in Jane Buck Vault. See page 244, 254
 Section: 2
 Register: Burials Section 1-4 1877 - 1928, Page 138
 Source: Original Parish Register

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