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George Edward Hogarth


Father: John Hogarth (abt.1836-1909)
Mother: Mary Buck (1844-1911)


Other parents of half-siblings:
1mother: Isabella Bowling
2father: William Butson
3mother: Isabella Bowling
4father: William Butson
5mother: Isabella Bowling
6father: William Butson


George Edward Hogarth + Maggie Ainscow


1884 Birth Source: lancashirebmd  [transcript 1]
1885-05-31 Baptism Place: St Luke, Brierfield Source: lan-opc  [link]  [transcript 2]
Source: Parish record  [transcript 3]
1891-04-05 Census Age: 6
Occupation: Scholar
Abode: 11 Cross Street, Brierfield
Source: Census record RG12-3379-82-5
1901-03-31 Census Age: 16
Occupation: Cotton Cloth looker
Abode: 11 Cross Street, Brierfield
Source: Census record RG13-3884-36-19
1908 Marriage
to Maggie Ainscow (abt.1887-1924)
Place: St Luke, Brierfield Source: lancashirebmd  [transcript 4]
1911-04-02 Census Age: 26
Occupation: Cotton Cloth looker
Abode: 22 Commercial Street, Brierfield
Source: Census record RG14PN24911-RG78PN1424-RD472-SD4-ED31-SN194
1933-09-01 Death Place: 22 Commercial Street, Brierfield
Age: 49
Source: Burial record
Source: Probate calendar  [transcript 5]
1933-09-04 Burial Place: Inghamite Chapel, Wheatley Lane Source: lan-opc  [link]  [transcript 6]

Transcripts of sources

 Lancashire Birth indexes for the years: 1884
 HOYGARTH  George Edward  Colne  Preston  BUCK  COL/85/89
 Baptism: 31 May 1885 St Luke, Brierfield, Lancs.
 George Edward Hogarth - [Child] of John Hogarth & Mary
     Abode: Brierfield
     Occupation: Overlooker in Cotton Mill
     Baptised by: J B Pattison Incumbent
     Register: Baptisms 1872 - 1897, Page 36, Entry 287
     Source: LDS Film 1471023
 1885 May 31  No. 287  page 36
  George Edward  John & Mary  Hogarth  Brierfield  Overlooker in a Cotton Mill  J.B.Pattison
 Lancashire Marriage indexes for the years: 1908
 HOGARTH  George Edward  AINSCOW  Maggie  Brierfield, St Luke  Preston  CE115/2/68
 1933  Page 254,
 HOGARTH George Edward of 22 Commercial-street Brierfield
 Lancashire died 1 September 1933 Administration London 28
 September to George Hogarth fitter and Benjamin Hogarth
 weaver. Effects £400"
 Burial: 4 Sep 1933 Wheatley Lane Inghamite, Fence In Pendle, Lancs.
 George Edward Hogarth - Husband of The Late Maggie Hogarth
 Age: 49 years
 Abode: 22 Commercial St, Brierfield
 Grave: 348
 Section: 8
 Buried by: H.Whittaker
 Register: Burials Section 8 1904 - 2012, Page 199
 Source: Original Parish Register

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