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Edmund Marsden


Father: Squire Hutchinson (abt.1816-1860)
Mother: Isabella Marsden (abt.1812-1856)


Other parents of half-siblings:
1mother: Mary Taylor



abt.1848-09 Birth Source: Estimated from baptism record
Source: lancashirebmd  [transcript 1]
Source: GRO index  [image 1]  [transcript 2]
1851-03-30 Census Abode: Darwen Chapels [link]
Age: 3
Birthplace: Over Darwen, Lancashire
Source: Census record HO107-2261-372-57  [image 2]  [transcript 3]
1852-03-01 Baptism Place: St James, Over Darwen Source: Parish register  [image 3]  [transcript 4]
1861-04-07 Census Abode: High Street, Rishton
Age: 13
Occupation: Coal miner
Birthplace: Lanc, O Darwen
Source: Census record RG09-3091-124-17  [image 4]  [image 5]  [transcript 5]
1867 Death Source: lancashirebmd  [transcript 6]

Transcripts of sources

 MARSDEN   Edmund   MARSDEN   1848   Darwen   Lancashire   Blackburn   D/14/41
 [Births Jul/Aug/Sep 1848]   Marsden  Edmund  Blackburn  XXI 52
 Schedule 193  Darwen Chapel
 Squire Hutchinson  Head  Wid  45      Coal miner  Over Darwen Lan
 Isabella Marsden         U.       45              Over Darwen Lan
 Edmund Marsden     Son   U.    3                  Over Darwen Lan
 James Marsden      Son   U.    1                  Over Darwen Lan
 BAPTISMS solemnized in the District Chapelry of St James Over Darwen, Parish of Blackburn
 in the County of Lancaster in the Year 1851-1852   Page 10
 1852 March 1st No 80  Edmund illeg son of  Isabel  Marsden  Eccleshill  Weaver  H. E. Dunderdale
 & of Squire Hutchinson, reputed father
 stated to be 3 1/2 years of age.
 P [left margin]  NC [right margin]
RG09 Piece 3091 Folio 124 Page 17

Township of Rishton  Ecclesiastical District of St. Lawrence Church
Schedule 88  High Street, Rishton

William Aspden     Head  Mar    29      Coal Miner        Lanc, O. Darwen
Nancy Aspden       Wife  Mar        28  Coal Miner Wife   Lanc, O. Darwen
Squire E Aspden    Son   Unm    9       Scholar           Lanc, O. Darwen
Mary A Aspden      Dau              7   Scholar           Lanc, Rishton
James Aspden       Son          6       Scholar           Lanc, Rishton
William Aspden     Son          3                         Lanc, Rishton
Jane Aspden        Dau              1                     Lanc, Rishton
Alfred Aspden      Son          13      Coal Miner        Lanc, O Darwen
Edmund Hutchinson               13      Coal Miner        Lanc, O Darwen
Joseph Hutchinson               9       Coal Miner        Lanc, O Darwen
Robert Hutchinson        Unm    21      Cotton Weaver     Lanc, O Darwen

[Transcriber's notes]
Robert Hutchinson is probably Nancy's brother.
Edmund and Joseph are probably Marsdens.
 MARSDEN  Edmund  17  1867  Darwen  Lancashire  Blackburn  D/28/2

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