The Lancashireman's family history

Red rose of Lancashire

James Marsden


Father: Squire Hutchinson (abt.1816-1860)
Mother: Isabella Marsden (abt.1812-1856)


Other parents of half-siblings:
1mother: Mary Taylor


James Marsden + Mary Pollard


1850-06-12 Birth Place: Holden Fold, Over Darwen Source: Birth certificate  [transcript 1]
Source: lancashirebmd  [transcript 2]
1851-03-30 Census Abode: Darwen Chapels [link]
Age: 1
Birthplace: Over Darwen, Lancashire
Source: Census record HO107-2261-372-57  [image 1]  [transcript 3]
1861-04-07 Census Abode: Peel Fold, Oswaldtwistle [link]
Age: 9
Occupation: Farm labour
Birthplace: Lancashire Blackburn
Household: Thomas and Jane Richmond (nee Marsden) [link] [link]
Source: Census record RG09-3107-141-14  [image 2]  [image 3]  [transcript 4]  [image 4]
1871-04-02 Census Abode: Wood Top (Wood Top Inn), Habergham Eaves, Burnley
Age: 21
Occupation: Coal miner
Birthplace: Lancashire, Over Darwin
Source: Census record RG10-4151-15-23  [image 5]  [image 6]  [transcript 5]  [image 7]
1873-07-10 Marriage
to Mary Pollard (1854-1922)
Place: Holy Trinity, Burnley Source: lancashirebmd  [transcript 6]
Source: GRO index  [image 8]  [image 9]  [transcript 7]
Source: Marriage certificate  [image 10]
Source: lan-opc  [link]  [transcript 8]
Source: Parish record  [image 11]  [transcript 9]
1881-04-03 Census Age: 30
Occupation: Coal Miner
Abode: 216, Accrington Rd, Habergham Eaves
Source: Census record RG11-4154-86-26  [image 12]  [image 13]
1891-04-05 Census Abode: 216 Accrington Road, Habergham Eaves, Burnley
Age: 40
Occupation: Coal miner
Birthplace: Lancashire Darwen
Source: Census record RG12-3371-12-18  [image 14]  [image 15]  [transcript 10]  [image 16]
1901-03-31 Census Abode: 216, Accrington Road, Burnley
Age: 50
Occupation: Jenny tenter in coal mine
Birthplace: Lancs Darwen
Source: Census record RG13-3872-83-12  [image 17]  [image 18]  [transcript 11]  [image 19]
1911-04-02 Census Age: 61
Occupation: Jinnery Tenter Below Ground
Abode: 14 Watson Street Burnley
Source: Census record RG14PN24845-RG78PN1422-RD472-SD2-ED22-SN192  [image 20]  [image 21]
1922-03-26 Death Place: 118 Briercliffe Road, Burnley
Age: 71
Abode: 4 Cooper Street, Burnley
Occupation: Colliery Ginney Tenter
Registered: Twenty-Seventh March 1922
Informant: T. Marsden (son)
Source: Death certificate  [image 22]  [transcript 12]
1922-03-30 Burial Place: Grave 2295, Burnley Cemetery Source: lan-opc  [link]  [transcript 13]

Transcripts of sources

 Registration District  Blackburn
 1850 Birth in the Sub-district of Darwen in the County of Lancaster
 No. 452  Twelfth June 1850  Holdenfold Over Darwen
 James  Boy  [father not named]  Isabella Marsden  [father's occupation blank]
 The x Mark of Isabella Marsden Mother Holden Fold Over Darwen
 Registered Seventeenth June 1850  J. Ainsworth Registrar
 MARSDEN  James  MARSDEN  1850  Darwen  Lancashire  Blackburn  D/16/91
 Schedule 193  Darwen Chapel
 Squire Hutchinson  Head  Wid  45      Coal miner  Over Darwen Lan
 Isabella Marsden         U.       45              Over Darwen Lan
 Edmund Marsden     Son   U.    3                  Over Darwen Lan
 James Marsden      Son   U.    1                  Over Darwen Lan
1861 census RG09 Piece 3107 Folio 141 Page 14  and  Folio 142 Page 15

Township of Oswaldtwistle  Ecclesiastical Parish of Immanuel Church
Schedule 76  Peel Fold

Thomas Richmond  Head         Mar  45      Farmer of 35 Acres employing 12  Lancashire Blackburn
Jane Richmond    Wife         Mar      49  Farmers Wife                     Lancashire Darwen
John Richmond    Son          Mar  21      Farmers Son                      Lancashire Blackburn
Mary A Richmond  Daur in law  Mar      23  Farmers Daughter in law          Lancashire Blackburn
Mary Richmond    Daur         Un       16  Farmers Daughter                 Lancashire Accrington
James Marsden    Nephew            9       Farm Labour                      Lancashire Blackburn
John Lister      Serv         Un   16      Farm Servant                     Lancashire Accrington

[Transcriber's note: John Lister is on page 15, the rest are on page 14]

1871 census RG10 Piece 4151 Folio 15 Page 23

Township of Habergham Eaves  Parliamentary Borough of Burnley  Ecclesiastical District of Holy Trinity
Schedule 131  Wood Top (Wood Top Inn)

William Aspden        Head     Mar  39      Coal Miner     Lancashire Over Darwin
Nancy Aspden          Wife     Mar      36  -              Lancashire Over Darwin
Squire E. Hutchinson  Son      Unm  19      Coal Miner     Lancashire Over Darwin
Mary A. Aspden        Daur     Unm      17  Cotton Weaver  Lancashire Rishton
James Aspden          Son      Unm  15      Coal Miner     Lancashire Rishton
William Aspden        Son           13      Coal Miner     Lancashire Rishton
Jane Aspden           Daur     Unm      11  Cotton Weaver  Lancashire Rishton
John Aspden           Son            9      Scholar        Lancashire Rishton
Alfred Aspden         Son            5      Scholar        Lancashire Burnley
James Marsden         Boarder  Unm  21      Coal Miner     Lancashire Over Darwin
Joseph Marsden        Boarder  Unm  19      Coal Miner     Lancashire Over Darwin
 MARSDEN   James   POLLARD   Mary   1873   Burnley, Holy Trinity   Lancashire   Preston   CE104/5/313
 Marriages Jul/Aug/Sep 1873   Marsden  James  Burnley  8e 299
 Marriages Jul/Aug/Sep 1873   Pollard  Mary   Burnley  8e 299
 Marriage: 10 Jul 1873 Holy Trinity, Habergham Eaves, Lancs.
 James Marsden - (X), 24, Collier, Bachelor, Wood Top
 Mary Pollard - 19, Weaver, Spinster, Wood Top
    Bride's Father: John Pollard, Collier
    Witness: Howarth Sagar; Sarah Clark
    Married by Banns by: Howard A Crosbie
    Notes: [Groom's father not named]
    Register: Marriages 1870 - 1875, Page 157, Entry 313
    Source: LDS Film 1526143
 1873.  Marriage solemnized at Holy Trinity Church in the Parish of H.T. Habergham Eaves in the County of Lancaster
 No. 313  July 10th 1873
 James Marsden  24  Bachelor  Collier  Wood Top  ------------  -------
 Mary Pollard   19  Spinster  Weaver   Wood Top  John Pollard  Collier
 Married in the above Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church,
 after Banns by me, Howard A Crosbie
 This Marriage was solemnized between us,  {  James X Marsden  }
                                           {  Mary Pollard     }
 in the Presence of us,  {  Howarth Sagar  }
                         {  Sarah Clarke   }
RG12 Piece 3371 Folio 12 Page 18

Administrative County of Lancashire
Civil Parish of Habergham Eaves  County Borough of Burnley  Municipal Ward of Gannow
Urban Sanitary District of Burnley  Town of Village or Hamlet of Burnley
Parliamentary Borough or Division of Burnley  Ecclesiastical Parish or District of St John's

Schedule 108  Accrington Rd 216

James Marsden   Head  Married  40      Coal Miner     Lancashire Darwen
Mary Marsden    Wife  Married      36  -              Lancashire Burnley
Squire Marsden  Son   Single   17      Cotton Weaver  Lancashire Burnley
Jane Marsden    Daur  Single       12  Cotton Weaver  Lancashire Burnley
Thomas Marsden  Son            10      Scholar        Lancashire Burnley
Clara Marsden   Daur               8   Scholar        Lancashire Burnley
James Marsden   Son            7       Scholar        Lancashire Burnley
Martha Marsden  Daur               4   -              Lancashire Burnley
John Marsden    Son            2       -              Lancashire Burnley
Albert Marsden  Son            5 mos   -              Lancashire Burnley
RG13 Piece 3872 Folio 83 Page 12

Civil Parish of Burnley  Ecclesiastical Parish of Gannow St John the Baptist  County Borough of Burnley
Ward of Municipal Borough of Gannow  Parliamentary Borough of Burnley

Schedule 63  216 Accrington Rd

James Marsden    Head     M    50      Jenny Tenter in Coal Mine          Worker  Lancs Darwen
Mary Marsden     Wife     M        46                                             Lancs Burnley
Thomas Marsden   Son      S    20      Drawer in Coal Mine (underground)  Worker  Lancs Burnley
Clara Marsden    Daur     S        18  Cotton Weaver                      Worker  Lancs Burnley
Martha Marsden   Daur     S        14  Cotton Weaver                      Worker  Lancs Burnley
John Marsden     Daur     S    12                                                 Lancs Burnley
Albert Marsden   Son      S    10                                                 Lancs Burnley
Mary Marsden     Daur     S        8                                              Lancs Burnley
Phyllis Marsden  Daur     S        5                                              Lancs Burnley
Alice Pollard    Boarder  Wid      73                                             Lancs Padiham
 Registration District BURNLEY
 1922. DEATHS in the Sub-District of EAST WARD in the Counties of BURNLEY C.B., &c.
 295  Twenty-Sixth March 1922 118 Briercliffe Road Burnley UD(?)
 James Marsden  Male  71 years  of 4 Cooper Street Burnley UD(?) Colliery Ginney Tenter
 1. Arterio Sclerosis & Hemiplegia 2. Bronchitis Acute Certified by John Gibson MD
 T. Marsden Son 30 Fielden Street Burnley  Twenty-Seventh March 1922  R Kellett Deputy
 Burial: 30 Mar 1922 Burnley Cemetery, Burnley, Lancashire, England
 James Marsden -
 Age: 71yrs
 Abode: 118 Briercliffe Road
 Grave: 2295
 Gender: M
 Register: Burials 1920 - 1926, Page 109, Entry 90504
 Source: Original Registers Book 12

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