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George Buck


Father: George Buck (abt.1798-1860)
Mother: Mary _ (?-1834)


Other parents of half-siblings:
1mother: Betty Brown



abt.1831-04-01 Birth Place: Little Marsden Source: Estimated from baptism record
1831-05-01 Baptism Place: St Paul, Little Marsden Source: Parish register  [transcript 1]
Source: lan-opc  [link]  [transcript 2]
1841-06-07 Census Abode: Wheatley Lane, Old Laund Booth
Age: 11
Source: Census record HO107-508-14-10-14  [transcript 3]
? Death Source: Assumed; date unknown

Transcripts of sources

 BAPTISMS solemnized in the Chapelry of Marsden in the County of Lancaster in the Year 1831
 Page 123.
 [1823] May 1 No. 984.  George son of  George & Mary  Buck  Edge End Clough bar  Engineer  J. Hutchinson Curate
 Baptism: 1 May 1831 St Paul, Little Marsden, Lancashire, England
 George Buck - Son of George Buck & Mary
 Abode: Edge End Clough Bar
 Occupation: Engineer
 Baptised by: J Hutchinson Curate
 Register: Baptisms 1813 - 1844, Page 123, Entry 984
 Source: LDS Film 1470815
HO107 piece 508 Book 14 Folio 10 Page 14

Township of Old Laund Booth

Wheatley Lane  George Buck   43      Engineer  y
               Betty Buck        38            y
               Mary Buck         16            y
               William Buck  18                y
               Alice Buck        13            y
               George Buck   11                y
               Frances Buck   4                y
               Henry Buck     2                y
               Mary Holden        8            y

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