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Thomas Buck


Father: George Buck (abt.1798-1860)
Mother: Mary _ (?-1834)


Other parents of half-siblings:
1mother: Betty Brown


Thomas Buck + Jane Brown


abt.1821 Birth Place: Little Marsden Source: Estimated from 1851 census and baptism record
1821-06-16 Baptism Place: St Paul, Little Marsden
Abode: Edge End Bar
Source: Parish record  [transcript 1]
Source: lan-opc  [link]  [transcript 2]
1842-12-26 Marriage
to Jane Brown (1819-1893)
Place: St Mary, Newchurch in Pendle
Abode: Wheatley Lane
Occupation: Cordwainer
Witness: Joseph Higgin
Witness: William Buck
Source: Parish register  [transcript 3]
Source: lan-opc (banns)  [link]  [transcript 4]
Source: lan-opc  [link]  [transcript 5]
Source: Marriage certificate
Source: Parish record (banns)
Source: Parish record (marriages) (BT?)
1851-03-30 Census Age: 30
Occupation: Cordwainer
Abode: New Road, Little Marsden
Source: Census record HO107-2254-53-40
1861-04-07 Census Age: 39
Occupation: Cordwainer
Abode: Wood Houses, Spinner Row, Little Marsden, Lancashire
Source: Census record RG09-3077-68-24
abt.1869-01-27 Death Place: Brierfield Source: GRO index  [transcript 6]
Source: lancashirebmd  [transcript 7]
1869-01-30 Burial Place: Inghamite Chapel, Wheatley Lane Source: Parish register (cemsearch)  [transcript 8]

Transcripts of sources

 [1821] June 16  No. 455  Thomas son of  George & Mary  Buck  Edge-End Bar  Labourer  J. Hutchinson Curate
 Baptism: 16 Jun 1821 St Paul, Little Marsden, Lancashire, England
 Thomas Buck - Son of George Buck & Mary
 Abode: Edge End Bar
 Occupation: Labourer
 Baptised by: J Hutchinson Curate
 Register: Baptisms 1813 - 1844, Page 57, Entry 455
 Source: LDS Film 1470815
 Page 32  1842.  Marriage solemnized at the Parochial Chapel in the chapelry of Newchurch in Pendle
 in the County of Lancaster
 No. 63  December 26th
 Thomas Buck  of full age  Bachelor  Cordwainer  Wheatley Lane  George Buck    Engineer
 Jane Browne  of full age  Spinster  i           Spenn          Thomas Browne  Farmer
 Married in the Parochial Chapel according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church
 after banns by me, J Rushton

 This Marriage was solemnized between us,  {  Thomas Buck X his mark  }
                                           {  Jane Browne X her mark  }
 in the Presence of us,  {  Joseph his X mark Higgin  }
                         {  William his X mark Buck   }
 Banns: St Mary, Newchurch in Pendle, Lancashire, England
 Thomas Buck - Bachelor of Wheatley Lane Old Laund
 Jane Brown - Spinster of Spenn Goldshaw
 First Reading: 11 Dec 1842; Read By: N R P Kemp
 Second Reading: 18 Dec 1842; Read By: N R P Kemp
 Third Reading: 25 Dec 1842; Read By: J Rushton
 Married 26 Dec 1842
 Notes: Married
 Register: Banns 1825 - 1871, Entry 427
 Source: LDS Film 1278872
 Marriage: 26 Dec 1842 St Mary, Newchurch in Pendle, Lancashire, England
 Thomas Buck - (X), Bachelor of Wheatley Lane in this Chapelry
 Jane Browne - (X), Spinster of Spenn of this Chapelry
 Witness: Joseph Higgin, (X); William Buck
 Married by Banns by: J Rushton Incumbent
 Register: Marriages 1814 - 1843, Page 124, Entry 372
 Source: LDS Film 1278872
 Deaths registered in Jan,Feb,Mar 1869
 BUCK  Thomas  48  Burnley  8e 196
 Lancashire Death indexes for the years: 1869
 BUCK  Thomas  48  Colne  Preston  COL/32/22
 CEM5312  Thomas BUCK  30/01/1869  0  24365

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